Celebrities Who Spread the Wealth

There is something so amazing about a person who has a rags to riches story. Even though we can all become a little bit envious of those who already have more money than we are ever going to see in our life, there is some perspective that we need to put into place. The ones who come from humble beginnings, work hard, show their talent, and find a way to ensure their talent is going to make money are the ones that we have to respect beyond anything else. And those are the type of people that we need to look up to a lot as well.

But, there can be a little bit of negative feeling towards celebrities in general, especially when things like net worth go into the conversation. We go on sites like and we see how all of these people are making mad amounts of money. And naturally, we can feel a little bit bad about the whole situation. It is not because we think they do not deserve the money, but we feel bad because we are not in anywhere close to that type of position in our own lives. But what you have to do is separate your own story from the celebrity whose actions and money that you are trying to judge.

Another thing that we must take into account is the way that celebrities are putting their money towards good causes. There are so many different charities around the world that simply would not exist if there were no celebrities, or if these celebrities were not earning as much money as they do. And the many people who are helped by those charities would have suffered, as they would not have been able to get the help that they needed.

And before we talk about celebrity charity donations some more, what you also need to know is that not all of them are publicized. So just because you have not heard about a celebrity putting millions towards a certain project, it does not mean it is a lie. In fact, you may not hear about this until much later, because they do not want you to know. The only reason it becomes public is when most charity organizations give out their financial information at the end of the fiscal year. Then you can see who donated and how much they donated!

So, when you are on those sites where they tell you how many millions a celebrity is earning, take a bit of time and consider whether they are doing some good with that money. Now if you know that they are putting some of that money towards good things, and you also know they are the type of person who worked so hard to earn what they have, there is no reason for you to be envious of them. In fact, those are the types of celebrities that we will want to respect and admire, because they are a success and they are doing good things with their success.